Relaxing Weekend Pittsburgh Staycation

By Styleanthropy

Dinner at Ember & Vine Restaurant and Bar

We had dinner reservations at Ember & Vine. Our table was next to the chef’s kitchen, which was pretty neat.

We started out with Beer Flights and their White Sangria – all of which were pretty good. If you wanna test out their beer selection, we suggest Pizza Boy – a fruity beer that smelled so delicious. The E&V -made just for them – is smooth and light!

We then moved on to soups and appetizers. The soup of the day was this cheesy broccoli soup that tasted as good as it looks. It was my favorite that night. I hope they make this a regular in their menu because IT. WAS. THAT. GOOD.

The crunchy Brussels sprouts was our chosen appetizer. It was delicious and so flavorful. It was sweet and savory all at the same time, thanks to the bacon and golden raisins. However, it was too rich for my taste that a few bites was enough. Thankfully, they serve bread which balanced out the richness of the Brussels spouts.

Moving on to the main dishes, we opted for pan roasted chicken and a wood-fired Margherita pizza. The roasted chicken was delicious, not dry, and seasoned well. We both loved the potato salad that came with the chicken too.

The pizza was also good and flavorful. The pizza, in my opinion, would be good for 2-3 people. We ended up with so much food that we brought back to the room.

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